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Crabbing Expeditions on the Tammy Jane

The crew unloading the haul from a crab pot on a crabbing expedition.

Looking for a New Kind of Vacation Experience

The Tammy Jane may just be the boat for you! As a part of the fleet of ships owned and captained by Vagabond Cruise, the Tammy Jane is a unique experience that you cannot get anywhere else. This crabbing expedition is interactive, fun for the whole family, and  best of all tasty, this is because the catch will be split among the people on board. If you have never tried crabbing, but it has interested you, this might be the perfect trip to give a try because it is more laid back than some other trips out there. Our professional crew and captain make it their goal for you to have the best trip possible and catch some delicious crabs.

Types of Catch

Large Stone Crab sits on the seashore

Probably the most delicious and elusive catch from our crabbing expeditions are the famous Stone Crab, this tasty crab is really only in season now through May and into early June. This crab makes its way up the inter coastal waterways from Florida during this time, and if you are lucky some of the pots may be home to one of these amazing little guys.

a crab on a table

Delicious blue crab in a crab basket

Blue Crab, a local delicacy and staple in the Lowcountry cuisine in Hilton Head area for their sweet meat and distinct look. Blue crabs are quite common on our trips and if they meet the minimum requirements for size to keep, you will be in for a great treat when you get home!

Why Choose Us?

We are the premier cruise company on Hilton Head Island and have been conducting business here for over 35 years. Our hand picked team of trained professionals will do everything in their power to ensure a fun, exciting, and above all else, a safe trip. Our captain, Spike Ivory, has been captain of the Tammy Jane for over 7 years and knows the intricacies of what it takes to be a successful crabber, as a result you will be able to sit back, enjoy, and take home some delicious crabs on a trip unlike any other you have ever been on!

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