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  • ALL NEW - Limited Fall Schedule

Cruise Through The Stars

Stargazing Tour Aboard The Vagabond | 1.5hr departing after dark

Quick Details

  • This trip is narrated by a local Sky expert Bill Gwynne
  • This trip departs after dark aboard the Vagabond
  • Clear skies are a must on this tour, if we don’t have clear skies this tour would be cancelled and you would be refunded
  • If you have binoculars please bring them with you
  • This tour is family friendly
  • Departure times will vary in the fall depending on when the sun sets

Cruise Through The Stars, Hilton Head Island Stargazing Cruise

Come join Bill Gwynne aka “Bill the Sky Guy” on a stargazing journey aboard the Vagabond, as we embark on a cosmic exploration beginning with our celestial home: the Milky Way. Picture it as an immense tapestry of stars, gas, dust, and other enigmatic entities. Beyond, a galaxy unfolds—a colossal, gravitationally bound symphony composed of stars, remnants of their fiery journeys, interstellar gases and dust, and the enigmatic presence of dark matter. As we gaze skyward, we’ll decode the sky’s artwork—constellations. Crafted by cultures throughout history, these starry patterns tell stories of mythology and discovery. While some might not perfectly mimic their namesakes, a laser-guided tour will illuminate those that do, connecting us with ancient tales.

Venturing deeper, the heart of our Milky Way, a bustling hub of activity, beckons our attention. Here, the core thrives with energy, its vibrant life orchestrated by a supermassive black hole. Yet, this spectacle is a Summer and Fall delight. Within this galactic expanse resides a celestial zoo—an assortment of stars, planets, nebulae, and star clusters. Peer through the lens of shared images or video displays, spotting those visible to the naked eye or binoculars, tailored to the season’s palette.

Consider the stars above—varying in size, each a testament to diverse lifetimes. Their hues, from fiery reds to scorching blues, whisper secrets of their temperature. Amidst this celestial orchestra, red dwarfs dance with grace, massive blue giants blaze brilliantly, and supernovae, celestial fireworks, mark spectacular finales. From these cosmic symphonies, we journey through distances. Astronomers measure within our galaxy through parallax, peering at stars from different vantage points. Further afield, the speed of light unfurls as a cosmic yardstick, helping us measure galaxies beyond.

During our path to the observation site, we uncover the guiding light—the North Star, or Polaris. A celestial compass, it guides us on Earth’s journey through the cosmos. Shining steadfastly year-round, Polaris directs us toward true north, a reliable navigational companion. Throughout this voyage of understanding, captivate your audience with engaging explanations, relatable analogies, and an open invitation to questions. Tailoring the experience to their familiarity with the cosmos and the seasonal canvas above, relish in the magic of sharing the universe’s wonders.